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about collide

About Us

Collide is the High School Student Ministry of Southside Baptist Church in Warner Robins, Georgia.  Our mission is to Love God, Love People, Love the World, on the journey to Life Change. 

We Love God through worship.  We believe worship is a lifestyle and should be lived out daily.  We learn about living a life of worship during Collide every Wednesday night at 6:30 in the Student Center.  Collide is a service designed to challenge High School students to consider becoming a follower of Christ, equip those who are followers of Christ, and worship God through music and studying the Bible. 

We Love People through Small Groups.  Small groups are a great place to grow in depth in your knowledge of the Bible, grow in accountable relationships with other followers of Christ, and have fun hanging out with and meeting new friends.  Kind of like old school Sunday School but nobody is forced to be there, no one falls asleep, and it all takes place in a student friendly environment.  OK, I take it back, it’s nothing like old school Sunday School.

About Us

We Love the World through service.  The High School Student Ministry at Southside acknowledges for a person to become more like Christ, they must become a servant.  We encourage all of our students to find a place of service within the church.  We have multiple service opportunities in various ministries throughout the church.   Also, we participate in international summer mission trips as well as several service projects in the middle Georgia area. 

We certainly don’t claim to be perfect.  However, we do understand becoming more like Jesus is a journey.  Life definitely throws us curve balls and we want to equip students to make wise decisions in whatever life throws their way.  We exist to help High School Students to further themselves on their journey of becoming a more passionate follower of Jesus.

If you would like further information about the High School Ministry of Southside, please contact the church Monday through Friday at 478.953.9388.  You can also contact Josh Ray, the Pastor to High School Students by clicking here.